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About Us

Franklin Coatings has been servicing Western Canada and Western United States with specialized maintenance for over 20 years and we look forward to the next 20. Whether it has been work with Dry Kilns to Roofing, from Northern Alberta to Southern California, Franklin Coatings has been there.

Our company's original focus has been directed to Dry Kiln maintenance such as dry kiln coating, sealing and tightening and has progressed to include the supply and installation of individual kiln panel replacement to full re-skinning along with more specialty coatings and PVC application for the roofing industry. Growing steadily has allowed our company to gain strength in an industry where quality and reliability are paramount.

We here at Franklin Coatings are proud to offer our services in roofing and dry kiln maintenance.

Our Environmental Commitment

To us, how we build is just as important as to what we use to build.

The products we use and the services we provide are done with materials that are with the environment in mind. The focus is to provide sustainable results with energy/ environmental conservation whenever possible. We have a continual commitment to improve our prevention of pollution and comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. With a focus on the environment, every aspect of what we do, has an environmental focus.

We at Franklin Coatings strive for innovation and sound workmanship. Specializing in the application of cold appliedfluid membranes for roofing, and our extensive experience in kiln repair and maintenance, has allowed us to perform unique solutions in these fields.

Odinn Helgason

Dry Kiln Maintenance

For over 20 years, Franklin Coatings has successfully completed various projects for notable Lumber Mills including; Canfor, Weyerhaeuser, West Fraser, Tolko, Millar Western, Interfor, Conifex and many others throughout BC, Alberta, and the Western United States.

Our mandate is to provide our customers with maintenance procedures that help with the preservation and efficiency of their dry kilns. We at Franklin Coatings are dedicated to maximizing the efficiencies of each of your dry kilns, and to give you the best possible performance for each and every drying cycle.



Keep your concrete and steel coated with real Kiln Coating. The weakest part of your dry kiln is the concrete and then the steel. Let the coating take the abuse of the inside environment. The interior concrete and steel should be coated every year. (Depending on drying temperatures and wood species)


The purpose of sealing your dry kiln is to ultimately save you money and increase your profits. A properly sealed dry kiln will consume less energy and increase the quality of the lumber being dried, decrease the time of drying and give you better standard deviation results. Once your dry kiln has been re-sealed, it should last you 2-3 years before it needs to be sealed again, only if it is kept tightened yearly.


By keeping your dry kiln tight you preserve the sealing process. A loose dry kiln will result in inefficient drying. You will lose energy and the dry kiln will deteriorate. Tightening should to be done every year.

Bottom Door Seals:

We at Franklin Coatings have our own custom removable door seal. Gone are the days of an hour of downtime to replace one door seal. Franklin door seals slide in and out in just a few minutes.

Kiln Panel Replacement:

We manufacture and install high quality dry kiln panels. Our panels are made of Embossed Marine Grade Aluminum skin with 3 in Ridged Foam insulation.
Be it replacing just a few panels or a complete dry kiln reskinning, we can accomodate any project. The cost of panel replacement is considerably more effective than the cost of a new kiln; consider consulting with us about replacement of panels before budgeting for an entire kiln replacement.

Roofing Maintenance

Flat Roof / Low Sloped Solutions

We specialize in installing our quality roofing grade PVC Roof Membrane, that is specially manufactured for Franklin Coatings, to low-sloped Tar & Gravel, Torch Down SBS, EPDM roof systems.

Metal Roof Solutions

We install our quality elastomeric coating to leave your roof with a great finish.

Sloped SBS Torch-down

Similar to the metal roof solutions our elastomeric coating will leave your roof with a great finish.

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We are more than happy to answer any questions, concerns, or inquiries about our services.

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